Something in the Trees is a Seattle based band- Josh Snider (vocals), Adam Sarton (guitars), Larry Hopper (guitars), Matt Hopper (bass), and Eric Hopper (drums). We make psychedelic rock with wide ranging influences. 

Matt, Josh, and Larry met while working at Experience Music Project in 2003.  They quickly formed a bond and vowed to play music together someday, but the right project was a long time coming. In 2008, Adam made his way to Seattle and more musical connections were forged. Eric’s migration from New York City in 2011 proved to be the perfect catalyst and Something In The Trees was born.  What began as an opportunity to hang out, share musical obsessions, and build some chops on their respective instruments became a torrent of creative synthesis and songwriting. Their eponymous first release is the result of this confluence.

Something In The Trees new release is now available! You can purchase the CD, download and stream from this very website! Just click on the "Merch" tab to check it out!

About the release-

The songs all developed differently- some starting with a guitar part others from a vocal melody, drum beat or bass line. Once the basic seeds were planted the songs were intuitively developed collectively by the band. 

After recording a few demo songs the band struck up a relationship with audio engineer, producer and musician, Ben Jenkins. Ben brought Something In The Trees into his Seattle studio, Kill Room in the summer of 2013 to start the recording process. Ben was invaluable in the studio, not only for his engineering skills but also for his music and production ideas. Ben both supported and challenged the band to push the songs further. For some songs it meant stripping some elements away and for others it meant building more sonic textures with guitars, bass, vocals, found sounds and string arrangements. We're very excited to share our new music with you!