H a r v e y S i d F i s h e r - @ T h e H i g h D i v e !

August 29, 2015

Something In The Trees is yet again hosting a very special night of music. JoinHarvey Sid Fisher in Seattle for an evening of his legendary astrology songs along with many more surprises! The backing band, The Heavenly Bodies, will consist of Larry Hopper -- guitar, Adam Sarton -- other guitar, Matt Hopper -- bass, Rick Weber -- drums, Paul Pearson -- keys, with Blake Salter and Judith Card on backing vocals. Also, Geneva Simmons will join Harvey Sid for a very special Battle of the Sexes duet! Rick's band, We Wrote The Book On Connectors, will open the evening, followed by Harvey Sid, Something In The Trees will finish out the night. This is the last time we're planning on doing this so don't miss out! Believe me, this is a night you won't soon forget!